Submitted for the TwitsyBot Jam by Emma. Not very good with English and story telling, but here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

@big_ben_clock will alert you the current time every hour (UK Time), imitating the sound of Big Ben. It has fallen silent for major repair work expected to last until 2021. I just know about this when doing this Bitsy. lol

and Happy Birthday Emma!

AuthorIbrahim Jr.
Made withBitsy


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i slayed the maze!!!

Wohoo!! Well done. But you got the wrong way.

what makes you say that?

bcos u run into the maze? It just a longer route which make u late to the party tho. or u try both path?

yes i did both the paths. lol i was just proud i even made it through the maze


Awww. Emma waited when we were late. Nice game!


Thank you!! We don't deserve her kindness.


this is so cute!!! i'm glad i was able to make it to emma's party!! hee hee 


Thank you!! That's good. I'm barely made it lol


This is the most darling thing ever!!! 😭😭😭💖❤✨ Thank you so much!!!!

My mom has a clock in her living room that BONGs just like that~ I love the sound of it, so this Bitsy is very close to my heart in many ways!!!! 💚💜❤


Awww. Thank you!! Glad to hear that from you! I won't woke up late anymore if I have that kind of clock in my room. Hehe.